Brocade Embroidered Peony Flowers Tassel

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DescriptionThe Brocade Embroidered Peony Flowers Tassel is used to attract romance and wealthy luck.


This is a beautiful oriental knick-knack featuring a brocade embroidery of Peony Flowers and decorated with a mystic knot.

The Queen of all flowers and the national flower of China, the peony or ‘Mou Tan’ is also known as the ‘Flower of Riches and Honor’ in Chinese. The peony is the emblem of love and affection, feminine beauty, and the amorous feelings of youth. Peonies are often referred to in romantic Chinese poetry and literature, and used as the main motifs of Chinese decorative arts and can be found on porcelains and tapestries. In Feng Shui, the Peony is used to attract romance and wealth luck.

Can be hung anywhere you desire, from your house to your office and car.

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Dimensions 7 × 5.7 × 0.6 cm

Cloth, Brocade Fabric