Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring


Keep the Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring for that extra winning edge in all your endeavors.


This gorgeous gold-plated key chain features the Victory Banner emblem within a circular frame embellished with an oriental design. It serves as both a charming accessory as well as a powerful enhancer for career and business opportunities.

The Victory Banner (also known as Dhvaja), was adopted by Buddhism as one of the Eight Auspicious Objects. A powerful symbol of triumph – the victory of the Buddha’s teachings, enlightenment, and wisdom over ignorance, it helps you triumph over evils, obstacles, obstructions, enemies, competitions, disagreements, problems, and disharmony. It is also an excellent symbol for wealth recovery, ideal for people who have gone through a very bad time financially. In Feng Shui, it is used to represent success in career and triumph in all areas of life including business pursuits and examination.

Besides being a captivating accessory, the Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring brings you all the bountiful blessings associated with this auspicious symbol. Hang it on or put it into your bag or anywhere you like, for that extra winning edge in all your endeavors. Carry it with you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater success, blessings, love, and wisdom into your life.

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