Cash Flow Camel Amulet Keychain


Carry this Cash Flow Camel Amulet Keychain to overcome the #7 Burglary star and activate the #8 Wealth star, unlocking the pathways to prosperity.


Discover the incredible significance of the camel, the ultimate Feng Shui symbol for anyone in business seeking to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Camels are renowned for their durability, crossing the harshest and driest deserts for extended periods, and skillfully storing precious water in their humps. As a result, they have become a beloved favorite among entrepreneurs and business people.

In the year of the Dragon 2024, the chart is unbalanced with no water element. Therefore, having a camel symbol around becomes imperative as it represents the ability to retain water.

This exquisite camel, adorned with regal attire and jewels, symbolizes not only wealth and abundance but also sustenance, a healthy cash flow, and protection against potential financial challenges.

Carry this Cash Flow Camel Amulet to overcome the #7 Burglary star and activate the #8 Wealth star, unlocking the pathways to prosperity and safeguarding your financial well-being. Embrace the positive energies of the camel and enjoy a thriving business journey filled with abundance and success.

Camels are steadfast companions, offering reliable energy and security during stable and challenging times. They symbolize a smooth path to wealth and comfort, supporting you in various life situations. Camels embody natural persistence and resilience, making them excellent symbols for overcoming hardships and thriving in extreme environments. They inspire strength and endurance, ready to carry you through difficult conditions. Their desirable qualities, including drive and honorability, symbolically guide you through tough times. Camels are also suitable for career-oriented individuals, safeguarding success and endurance in the workplace. Their determination and patience are additional commendable traits, making them resilient in adverse conditions.

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