Chundi Mirror Protection Amulet

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The Chundi Mirror Protection Amulet will bring you the blessings of Chundi and protect you from harm and misfortune.

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This is an exquisite protective amulet comprising a gold plated round disc attached to a semi-circular holder on both sides so that it can twirl freely. One side of the disc features the Chundi mirror whilst the other has the image of the 18 armed images of Chundi Bodhisattva (Dorje Tsundi in Sanskrit) seated on a lotus throne holding different treasures and weapons. Both the mirror as well as the Chundi image is surrounded by powerful mantras.

The Chundi Bodhisattva is the Mother of All Buddhas and Chundi” means “Supreme Purity”. She is also called the Seven Koti Mother Buddha, which means that she is the Mother of Seven Billion Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The 18 arms of Chundhi represent the Eighteen Uncommon Methods, which can destroy the ignorance of all sentient beings, whoever practices this deity will eliminate all negative karma, shall be prevented from all disasters, all wishes in this life regardless of worldly or spiritual. The auspicious mantra of Chundi is “OM CALE CULE CHUNDI SOHA”.

Invite the Chundi Bodhisattva into your home or place of work. Besides looking great on a shelf, desk, dresser, or coffee table, it will bring you the blessings of Chundi and protect you from harm and misfortune. The all-metal make of this item also doubles it as a formidable Metal Cure to weaken the malignant #2 Black and #5 Yellow Stars.

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