Cinnabar Lacquerware Red Horse on Swallow

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This Cinnabar Lacquerware Red Horse on Swallow symbolizes success at an accelerated rate!

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This is a fine quality Chinese Cinnabar Lacquerware in stunning vermilion color carved with the image of a Galloping Horse and a swallow at its foot, suggesting that it is running as fast as the bird can fly. This symbolizes success at an accelerated rate!

Lacquerware has been made in Chinese history since 200 B.C. by using lacquer harvested from the sap of a Lacquer tree native to Southern China. It takes up months for a piece of Cinnabar lacquerware to be completed because many coats of lacquer are required to create the desired thickness that can be carved and each layer must dry before the next layer can be applied. Because of the tedious process, Cinnabar lacquer wares would fetch a higher price. Cinnabar is usually used as the coloring pigment because of its durability and beautiful vivid red to orange color – a favorite color of the Chinese. Cinnabar also has significance in Taoist culture and was regarded as the color of life and eternity.

This item makes a beautiful display and will sure to attract the attention of visitors and friends. Ideal for those who seek good fortune Feng Shui products with style and class.

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