Clear Wish Fulfilling Jewel for Health Energies – 80mm

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This 80mm dazzling Clear Wish-Fulfilling Jewel is wonderful for materializing your wish for good health luck.


This dazzling clear wish-fulfilling jewel is wonderful for materializing any wishes you may have. Hold the Clear Wish-Fulfilling Jewel for Health in your palm, close your eyes, make your wish and visualize your wish coming true, as focused and as vividly as you could. Then display the jewel by your bedside or somewhere you will often see it to remind you of the wish you have made. Repeat this exercise daily if possible or as often as you could. You will be amazed how the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel can do for you! When that happens, please do share your experience with us!

You can opt to buy this item with a clear perspex base shown in the photo to showcase this beautiful jewel.

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Weight 0.73 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 8.3 × 5.1 cm

Crystal Glass