Crane atop Dragon Tortoise Longevity Tassel


This Crane atop Dragon Tortoise Longevity Tassel will attract vibes of success and good health for a long, happy and successful life.


This pretty amulet features a wooden plaque carved with the image of Crane resting atop the celestial Dragon Tortoise. It is embellished with a mystic knot, decorative beads, and a matching tassel for further enhancement.

The Dragon Tortoise is a celestial creature said to be a hybrid of the majestic Dragon and the sturdy and steadfast Tortoise and is displayed by many Feng Shui practitioners to bring great fortune to their homes or workplaces. It thus combines the beneficial properties of these two symbols – the Dragon’s courage, determination, and success, and the tortoise’s longevity and fortitude, ensuring long life and successful career.

The Crane, also known as the Bird of Immortality, is a very popular symbol that heralds longevity, marital harmony, and wisdom and is believed to live a thousand years. The crane is the most favored of all bird symbols of good fortune next to the phoenix.

The Crane atop Dragon Tortoise Wooden Longevity Tassel always closes you to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck. This amulet will attract vibes of success and good health for a long, happy, and successful life. Hang this tassel anywhere you desire in your home, office, or in your car for protection and blessings.

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Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 14 × 1.3 × 6.4 cm



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