Darmachakra Wheel of Fortune Key Chain


Darmachakra Wheel of Fortune Key Chain invites protection and wisdom to conquer against evil, ignorance and desires in your life.

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This Darmachakra Wheel is a lovely key chain featuring gold plated Dharmachakra or Wheel of Law. It invites protection and wisdom to conquer against evil, ignorance and desires.

The Dharmachakra sometimes referred to as the Magic Wheel or the Wheel of Life, which is one of the most important Buddhist symbols as it represents the teachings of the Buddha and the path to enlightenment. One of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, the wheel is made up of three basic parts. The hub, the rim, and spokes represent discipline, concentration and wisdom respectively. The hub stands for moral discipline that stabilizes the mind and upholds our practices of Buddha’s teachings. Much like the supporting axis of the world.

The rim denotes concentration, which holds the entire practice together. Just as the wheel of life held together by its rim. The Dharmachakra has eight spokes symbolizing the Eight-Fold Noble Path which leads to the cessation of sufferings. These spokes which have sharp edges represent wisdom that can be applied to ward off ignorance. The shape of the wheel is that of a circle, recognized universally as a shape that is complete and perfect in it. It conveys the qualities of the dharma teachings.

Given its powerful symbolism, be sure to have the Darmachakra Wheel of Fortune Key Chain with you at all times to enjoy the blessings of Buddha’s teachings and protect you from harm. Besides being a charming accessory, it also invokes the help of cosmic forces for a more enlightened and enhanced life. Hence, showering you with blessings of love, wisdom and healing. Additionally, the all-metal make of this item doubles it as a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant stars #2 Illness Star and vicious #5 Yellow Star.

Hang Darmachakra Wheel on or pop it in your bag. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car so that this special amulet can work as a Feng Shui lucky charm and protect you not only while you are in your house or at work but also the rest of the time wherever you go.

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