Deity of Wealth Dzambhala with Perfect Stars Tassel


This Deity of Wealth DZAMBHALA with Perfect Stars Tassel is a carry-along Tibetan wealth charm ideal for your car or house.

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This is a carry-along Tibetan wealth charm ideal for your car or house. It comprises two pieces of cloth-wrapped hardboard linked by a paper strip containing powerful mantras. One piece of the cloth is intricately woven with the image of the Yellow Jambhala or Dzambhala, he is one of the five Tibetan Buddhist Gods of Wealth, whilst the other has an image of a Perfect Stars on it. This exquisite amulet is encased in a plastic pocket for protection, adorned with decorative bells, and finished prettily with a multi-coloured tassel.

Depicted with a stern expression, the wealth Dzambhala is believed to be the manifestation of Chenzrig, the Compassionate Buddha sent to help alleviate poverty and bring wealth to the homes of the suffering beings so that they will not be distracted from practising the good heart. If you are in a financial crisis, you can chant his mantra to invoke his help. The Mantra for the Yellow Dzambhala God of Wealth is “Om Zambala Zalendhraye Soha”.

The Perfect Stars, made up of two interlaced equilateral triangles within a circle, is a very auspicious mandala design. It symbolizes universal unity and harmony. It is believed to create a kind of ongoing energy that promotes harmony, generates fortune, aids healing, and protects its owner from all kinds of evil.

Invite prosperity and ward off negativities with this pretty tassel. It can not only be placed at houses or offices, but it can also be carried and kept as a good luck amulet. This way, the Wealth & Perfect Stars Tassel works as a Feng Shui lucky charm and protects you not only while you are at home or at work but also the rest of the time and wherever you go.

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