Double Happiness Pendant Necklace for Marital Bliss


Wear the Double Happiness Pendant to welcome blessings of prosperity and lots of romantic luck into your life!

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This simple yet elegant pendant features the Double Happiness symbol delicately crafted from sterling silver. It comes with a free matching rhodium-plated necklace.

The Double Happiness Symbol, composed of two Chinese characters for “happiness” arranged side by side, is a traditional symbol of marriage and conjugal happiness and reputed to be the most famous and powerful at it. It is a popular and powerful talisman used in Feng Shui to enhance spiritual and physical love between two people; ideal for men or women searching for love, already in love, or maintaining steady relationships or marriage. The Double Happiness symbol will help you if you are looking for a romantic partnership or wanting your romance to become more serious. It will keep third parties at bay and smoothen the path of romance. For couples who have been married for a long time, the Double Happiness symbol helps to renew their passion and love for each other.

Silver is a popular metal used in crafting Feng Shui items because, in terms of preciousness and mental energy, it is a close second to gold but costs much less. In Feng Shui terms, metal is associated with both wealth and protection. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil influences and to control the #2 Illness and #5 Yellow Flying Stars.

Besides being an elegant accessory, the Double Happiness Pendant Necklace is a Feng Shui lucky charm with all the protection and blessings associated with Silver and the Double Happiness symbol. Wear it for peace of mind and prepare to welcome blessings of prosperity and lots of romantic luck into your life!

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Dimensions 17.5 × 1.3 × 1.8 cm

925 Silver, Rhodium-Plated Chain