Double Happiness with Mystic Knot Keychain


This is a gorgeous gold plated key chain featuring two of the most potent Feng Shui love symbols – the Double Happiness and Mystic Knot symbols.

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This is a gorgeous gold plated key chain featuring two of the most potent Feng Shui love symbols – the Double Happiness and Mystic Knot symbols. The elegance of the design complemented by the brilliance and sparkle of the decorative crystals and finished off with a lovely gold chain tassel produces an amazingly stunning and exquisite Double Happiness with Mystic Knot Key Chain.

The Double Happiness symbol, composed of two Chinese characters for “happiness” arranged side by side, is a time-honored symbol of marriage and conjugal happiness and reputed to be the most famous and powerful at it. If you look carefully, the two characters are linked together by two lines, which signify the inseparable bond between the lovers. The Double Happiness symbol is a talisman used in Feng Shui to enhance spiritual and physical love between two people; ideal for men or women searching for love, already in love, or maintaining steady relationships or marriage. The Double Happiness symbol will help you if you are looking for a romantic partnership or wanting your romance to become more serious. It will keep third parties at bay and smoothen the path of romance. For couples who have been married for a long time, the Double Happiness symbol helps to renew their passion and love for each other.

The Mystic Knot, also known by many other names such as the lucky knot, love knot, infinity knot, never-ending knot, or Endless symbol, is one of the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism that resembles the number “8” interwoven together and can be done so endlessly. The number “8” itself is an auspicious digit for the Chinese because it sounds like a “fortune’ and also when viewed sideways, it is the symbol for infinity. Hence the mystic knot symbolizes a never-ending cycle of good fortune, unending prosperity, limitless success, continued good luck and health, lasting togetherness, assured continuity of love, everlasting love, among other things. Revered for its many qualities, this auspicious symbol was embroidered in all the imperial robes worn by the Emperors of China in ancient times to signify immortality. Being associated with the number 8, the mystic knot is especially potent in period 8 (2004-2024).

Besides being an elegant accessory, the Double Happiness with Mystic Knot Key Chain is a Feng Shui good luck charm with all the protection and blessings associated with these two powerful symbols. The all-metal make of this item also makes it a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant stars #2 Black and #5 Yellow. Keep it with you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater opportunities, prosperity, and improved romance luck into your life!

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