Enamel Cloisonne Fan with Pair of Cranes


Place Enamel Cloisonne Fan with Pair of Cranes in the Southwest of your bedroom to enhance marriage luck.

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This is a stunning-looking representation of a pair of cranes on an elegantly hand-crafted cloisonne plate. The gold color which represents wealth makes it even more auspicious.

The Bird of Immortality, the crane is a very popular symbol that heralds longevity, marital harmony, and wisdom. The crane is the most favored of all bird symbols of good fortune next to the phoenix. Two cranes depicted together suggest an everlasting love and a blissful marriage.

The Enamel Cloisonne Fan with Pair of Cranes makes a beautiful display and will sure to attract the attention of visitors and friends. Ideal for those who seek Feng Shui products with style and class to enhance their health and relationship luck.

Here is how you can use the Enamel Cloisonne Fan with Pair of Cranes to Feng Shui your way for a better life

1. This can be placed in the West, which is the corner most suited for the old folk in your home.

2. Placed it in the South to bring opportunities that will bring material comfort and help one overcome obstacles in his career.

3. Place it in the East sector to attract good health luck or Southwest to enhance marriage luck. Suitable to be placed in any room: living room, bedroom, study, family room, etc.

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Dimensions 33 × 7.6 × 24 cm

Enamel Cloisonne