Faceted Clear Crystal Wu Lou

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The Mini Faceted Clear Crystal Wu Lou will absorb negative Chi and prevent bad things and harm from happening to you.

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This exquisite Faceted Clear Crystal Wu Lou sparkles as it catches and reflects light in a myriad of mesmerizing displays and rainbow colors. Absolutely gorgeous!  It is accented with a red ribbon to increase the flow of vital energy.

Wu Lou is a symbol of longevity which also brings an abundance of divine blessings. Also known as the bottle gourd or the “calabash”, Wu Lou is a powerful traditional symbol of longevity, good health, prosperity, and an abundance of blessings. The shape of a Wu Lou is believed to be a representation of Heaven and Earth united in miniature. Displaying a Wu Lou in and around the home is a good thing to have to enhance one’s Feng Shui.

Clear or white is the color associated with the Metal element. Making it ideal for countering the bad energies brought by the Black Star 2 and the Yellow Star 5 from the Flying Stars Chart. These Earth Stars can bring bad health, accidents, and all kind of tragedies to those living in the space where they have power. The element metal would make these stars’ bad energy lose power and strength.

This Faceted Clear Crystal Wu Lou is ideal where space is limited or if you are trying to be subtle with your Feng Shui practice, especially in the office. The Obsidian Wu Lou is tied with a red ribbon to further magnify its potency. Place the Mini Faceted Clear Crystal Wu Lou by your bedside or in the Tien Yi or Health corner in the bedroom based on your KUA number (8 Mansions Formula). You can also carry it along with you in your handbag or pocket or stick it on your car’s dashboard. It will bring good health luck, ward off illness energies, absorb negative Chi and prevent bad things and harm from happening to you.

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