Faceted Oval Labradorite Band Bracelet


Wearing the Faceted Oval Labradorite Band Bracelet is a simple yet effective way to enjoy the powerful healing vibrations of this versatile crystal.

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This charming bracelet is made up of faceted oval-shaped Labradorite crystal beads strung on the tough elastic band to comfortably fit different sizes.

Labradorite (sometimes referred to as Spectrolite) is considered to be a stone of transformation and magic. It is said to clear, balance, and protect the aura, as well as being an excellent stone for general protection. It is purported to help provide clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as attract success. Mystically, energies of stress and anxiety are said to be reduced by labradorite, possibly due to is the energy of self-confidence

Besides being a gorgeous accessory, the Faceted Oval Shaped Labradorite Bracelet is a Feng Shui lucky amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with the versatile Labradorite crystal. Wearing it is a simple and effective way to experience the powerful healing vibrations of this wonderful crystal.

Please note that natural crystals, unlike man-made crystals, may have blemishes, uneven textures, and colors, inclusions, or internal fractures in them. These are not flaws and are perfectly fine in the context of Feng Shui

This crystal product will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Ch’i.

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Labradorite Crystal


Dark greenish brown