Feng Shui 2013 Home Enhancer Kit


The 2013 Feng Shui Home Enhancer Kit brings good fortune, health, and wealth into your life. Original price $231.92, Buy now at a discounted price of $199.99 only. Free gifts included.

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The Year of the Water Snake glides in to bring new challenges for all in 2013. Fortunately, the ancient Feng Shui wisdom has developed a variety of Feng Shui ways to protect humans and their dwellings from low and attacking energies. By the same token, the classical Feng Shui School has a variety of Feng Shui charms and cures to attract beneficial energies or Sheng Chi in order to create good luck, health and wealth.

Whilst it is imperative to protect your home from bad energies, you must not forget the good stuff. Yes, once you are fully protected and have the right remedies in place, you can begin to harness the energy of the year to make your life in 2013 everything you would like it to be — vibrant health, loving & secure relationships, recognition, and success, and growing wealth and prosperity!

The favorable stars you would want to enhance are the #1 White Star#4 Romance & Scholastic Star#6 Heaven Star#8 Wealth Star, and #9 Magnifying Star. Refer to our Flying Star Forecast 2013 for more details.


Feng Shui Enhancer Chart 2013

For this purpose, we have put together a Feng Shui 2013 Home Enhancer Kit comprising 6 effective enhancers for your home.

This kit comprises:

  1. Victory Warrior Flag for NORTH – #1 Star
  2. Feng Shui Crystal Globe Improves Education Luck (50mm) for SOUTHEAST – # 4 Star
  3. Pair Of Lovely Colorful Mandarin Ducks for SOUTHEAST – # 4 Romance & Academic Star
  4. 6 Gold Coins Talisman Hanging for NORTHWEST – #6 Heaven Star
  5. Six Smooth Citrine Crystal Balls for NORTHEAST – #8 Wealth Star
  6. Golden Tibetan Wind Horse Carrying Precious Jewel for SOUTH – #9 Purple Star

Victory Warrior Flag for Career Luck – NORTH


Activate the #1 Lucky Star which resides in the North this year. This auspicious white star which represents great mentor and career luck will assist you in gaining more success and overcoming obstacles in the workplace or victory over your competitors. The right nourishment of its beneficial energies will strengthen the career and good luck energies in one’s life. It is the water element star that can be enhanced with metal. This magnificent Warrior Flag crafted from heavy brass represents victory over all forms of conquests, be it project bids, business tussles, sports, or completing a formidable task. Place the Victory Warrior Flag in the North to invite the luck of victory and always have the upper hand in all endeavors. These may be in the form of business opportunities, promotions, or even mentor luck.

Feng Shui Crystal Globe for Scholastic Luck – SOUTHEAST


The Crystal Globe symbolizes the Earth and is the supreme enhancer to promote the growth of knowledge. It is an excellent energizer for education, literary, academic, scholastic luck, and business success especially if you are in the field related to publishing, media, and communications. It is thus a good idea to activate the #4 Romance and Literary Star which resides in the South East this year. The versatile crystal ball will also bring benefits based on the sectors in which they are placed; hence, displaying it in the South East, the sector governing Wealth will increase money-making opportunities as well.

Pair of Lovely Colorful Mandarin Ducks for Love Luck – SOUTHEAST


The famed mandarin ducks as symbols of love to either rekindle the spark of romance or aid your search for true love needs no introduction. For an extra dose of romance luck, place this pair of enchanting mandarin duck in the South East to enhance the #4 Romance and Literary Star. Be prepared to welcome greater happiness in love, more opportunities for romance, joyous togetherness, and marital bliss into your life.

6 Gold Coins Talisman Hanging for Heaven Luck – NORTHWEST


The Six Gold Coins Talisman is one of the favorite enhancers recommended by Feng Shui masters to activate heaven luck. The most effective way to do this is to enhance the #6 Heaven Star which brings blessings to all areas of your life – career, harmony, power, wealth, relationship, and mentor luck. The metal energies of the gold coins also serve to enhance the metal energies of this beneficial star as well as the North West Chien sector. This will promote the support of heavenly blessings and influential people to ensure the well-being of the patriarch and that all your endeavors progress smoothly. In 2013, the star representing this luck, #6 Heaven Star, flies into the North West, so be sure to strengthen the auspicious energies of this sector with the 6 Gold Coins Talisman Hanging.

Six Smooth Citrine Crystal Balls for Wealth Luck – NORTHEAST


Citrine, commonly known as the “merchant stone”, is a very powerful generator of wealth, attracting excellent business luck, abundance, fortune, and wealth. Additionally, the number 6 is associated with heaven luck which brings blessings to all areas of your life – career, harmony, power, wealth, relationship, and mentor luck. Crystals that belong to the earth element also serve to enhance the earth energy of the #8 Wealth Star ensure that all your endeavors progress smoothly. In 2013, the lucky #8 flies to the North East, so be sure to strengthen the auspicious energies of this sector with the Six Smooth Citrine Crystal Balls.

Golden Tibetan Wind Horse Carrying Precious Jewel for Success – SOUTH


The #9 Purple Star indicates future prosperity and upward mobility for those who can successfully tap its luck – and the Golden Tibetan Wind Horse Carrying Precious Jewel is definitely the right enhancer for this purpose. This fabulous item combines the energies from the powerful symbols of the Horse and the Wish-Fulfilling Jewels to bring you triumph and victory, strength and success, and speed up the attainment of your goals in life. As the Horse’s intrinsic element is fire and its home sector south, this item also makes an excellent enhancer in the South to activate fame, recognition, and good reputation which are prerequisites for success.

The above items are your Feng Shui must-haves in 2013 to welcome luck and fortune from the favorable stars. All of them can be viewed on our site as individual products with the option to purchase them individually. This kit, as with all our products, has been cleansed of negative energy and empowered with powerful Sheng Ch’i energy making them even more effective for 2013. Enhance and create good luck for yourself and your family this year. Though earlier is better, it does not really matter how late in the year you place your cures kit, as many who have used them towards the end of the year previously have still gotten great results.

Finally, after making sure that your home is adequately enhanced and in an excellent position to capture the goodies of the year in 2013, you should do the same on a personal level. For this purpose, we have thrown in 2 carry enhancers with our 2013 Feng Shui Home Enhancement Kit. Hang or pop them into your bag or dangle on the rearview mirror of your car so that your personal ‘guardian angel’ is always there with you, not only to bring you good luck but also to protect you from misfortune wherever you are.

Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring


Make sure that that career advancement and business opportunities are aplenty and victory luck follows you wherever you are by carrying the Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring to boost the #1 Lucky White Star.

Jade Pair of Mandarin Ducks for Love Luck Hanging


Tie or hang this Jade Pair of Mandarin Ducks Hanging anywhere you like for instance your briefcase, mobile phone, handbag, or rearview mirror of your car for a sprinkle of good love and romance luck.

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