Feng Shui Eight Running Horses


Place the Feng Shui Eight Running Horses in the North sector for “CONTINUOUS PROGRESS, POWER & GROWTH” in your career or business!

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This is an absolutely gorgeous depiction of eight galloping horses, stunningly rendered in brass. The power and energy of this Eight Running Horses for Fame taking flight are captured very well in this sculpture.

The Eight Running Horses is a very auspicious symbol of power and perseverance and represents distinguished success and prosperity. They will help you run steadily through all obstacles.

Place it in the North sector for “CONTINUOUS PROGRESS, POWER & GROWTH” in your career or business! Suitable for your home, living room, study, or business premises. Makes an excellent gift for businessmen, CEOs, directors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and corporate people holding high-ranking positions.

What the Horses symbolizes and how to use this symbol to enhance your Feng Shui:

The Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac) in Chinese Feng Shui symbolizes perseverance, strength, loyalty, victory, power, independence, strong spirited, speed, and success. It is believed that placing the Horse figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Horse. It is no surprise that you can almost always find paintings and sculptures of horses in Chinese homes and businesses.

The Horse’s direction is in the South (157.5 degrees to 187.5 degrees) and its intrinsic element is a fire which makes it Yang and an excellent enhancer in the South sector to activate fame, recognition, and good reputation which are essentials for success in this competitive world today. Fame, popularity, and recognition are especially crucial in determining how far an artist, politician, and entrepreneur can go. The Horse’s allies are the Tiger and the Dog and the Sheep is its secret friend.

Here is how the Horse figurine can be used to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. For people born in the year of Horse, place the Eight Running Horses on your work or study desk, in the sector between 157.5 degrees to 187.5 degrees of your house or in the Tiger or the Dog sector (allies of Horse) to energize your personal good wealth luck.

2. Display the Eight Running Horses figurine on an elevated height in the South of your home or office for fame and recognition luck. Your work and efforts will be appreciated and acknowledged. The people you want to notice your talents and capability will, which eventually will help to catapult you to success, or even stardom!

3. If you are involved in a competitive situation in your job or in business, displaying the Eight Running Horses figurines coming into your home or office will bring you victory and ensure you triumph over all your competitions, be it a promotion or a project idea. For businessmen, his endeavors will reap rewards more quickly and with less effort.

4. Because of its strong Yang element, the Eight Running Horses is best placed in the living and family areas, but not in the bedrooms.

The Eight Running Horses figurine makes excellent Feng Shui gifts for friends and relatives starting or in a competitive business. Great for someone that’s career-minded with high ambitions and big goals, or people born in the year of Horse.

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