Fine Silver Carp with Coins Pendant Necklace

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This eye-catching pendant features an auspicious Carp with Chinese coins, all intricately crafted from 999 fine silver with the Chinese characters 有贵富 -You Gui Fu which means “having honor and riches”.


This eye-catching pendant features an auspicious Carp with Chinese coins, all intricately crafted from 999 fine silver. The coins are embossed with the Chinese characters 有贵富 -You Gui Fu which means “having honor and riches”. This exquisite pendant comes complete with a silver chain.

Fish in general is a symbol of good wealth and fortune to the Chinese because the Chinese character for fish, ‘yu’ means abundance, but the Carp is in a special category. It is a good fortune symbol synonymous with the tale of its legendary valor in swimming against the current to reach the ultimate Dragon Gate and transform into a Dragon. This portrayal of relentless perseverance and determination resulting in well-earned victory has turned the Carp into a symbol to represent great achievements in spite of hardships. Although often associated with scholastic feat and literary accomplishments, the Carp is also a potent emblem of happy outcome, joyful marriage, good fortune, abundance, and prosperity. It symbolizes great achievements in your pursuit or high ambitions of a lifetime, putting you in a competitive advantage over your competitors. The Carp fish is also a potent energizer for marriage luck and joyous unions.

Silver is a popular metal used in crafting Feng Shui items because, in terms of preciousness and mental energy, it is a close second to gold but costs much less. In Feng Shui terms, metal is a symbol of organization and holds its form well. It is associated with both wealth and protection. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil influences.

The Fine Silver Prosperity Carp with Coins Pendant Necklace, besides being an elegant accessory, is a handy Feng Shui amulet to attract all the protection and blessings associated with silver and the Carp symbol. The all-metal make of this item doubles it as a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant stars #2 Black and #5 Yellow. Wear it for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater prosperity good fortune into your life!

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999 Silver