Fire Totem Talisman Key Chain


Keep the Fire Totem Talisman Key Chain to enjoy not only protection but bountiful blessings and empowerment from the associated deities.


The Fire Totem Talisman is an exquisite gold plated key chain comprising three powerful Sanskrit syllables – at the base is BAM, followed by AH, and then HRIH at the top which is crowned with a dazzling crimson crystal. The syllables are linked by a lotus and an Utpala, symbolizing purity and wisdom. All the items in the totem are related to the Fire energy of red.

The totem is a clever and artistic way of combining several auspicious cosmic symbols to form powerful energizing and protective talismans. Each of the syllables on this totem is associated with a particular deity whose enlightened power brings heavenly blessings as well as protection.

The BAM syllable, which represents the energy of Vajrayogini or more commonly known as Red Tara, gives strong protection against negative interferences. She is often portrayed holding an Utpala flower.

AH is the seed syllable of Amoghasiddhi who helps overcome fear, envy, and jealousy and provides complete refuge or protection.

HRIH is the seed syllable of the Red Amitabha who represents the aggregate of perception, the element of fire, and the wisdom of discrimination. His emblem is the lotus or Padma.

The AH and HRIH syllables are also associated with speech and sounds, making this amulet ideal for those in politics, sales, teaching, legal as well as entertainment industries. Additionally, the fire energy will spur your creative energy to reap the rewards of fame, recognition, and success.

Besides being a lovely accessory, the Fire Totem Talisman is a Feng Shui lucky charm with all the protection and blessings associated with gold and the BAM, AH, and HRIH syllables. Keep it close to you at all times to enjoy not only protection but bountiful blessings and empowerment from the associated deities.

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Gold Plated