Five Element Crystal Wu Lou for Health & Harmony


This is a powerful cure to absorb and contain all the negative energies, especially sickness chi, and restore harmony to its surroundings.

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The Five Element Crystal Wu Lou for Health & Harmony comprises a set of 5 Wu Lou carved from 5 types of crystal to represent the 5 elements: Pink Rose Quartz (Fire), Yellow Jasper (Earth), White Jade (Metal). Black Obsidian (Water), Green Aventurine (Wood). This is a powerful cure to absorb and contain all the negative energies, especially sickness chi, and restore harmony to its surroundings.

The 5 elements are the basis of Feng Shui principles. The order of mutual generation among the five elements is that water generates wood, wood generates fire, fire generates earth, earth generates metal and metal generates water. In this way, the generation is circular and endless and is the fundamental of Feng Shui that powers up good luck.

The Wu Lou, often associated with Sau, the longevity God, is a well-known symbol of good health and longevity. It is said to contain the nectar of immortality and has the power to absorb the sickness energy, storing it in its endless bottom in order not to let the sickness chi hurt you. Many generations of Chinese invite this special gourd into their homes not only for longevity and good health but also to ward off bad chi and promote good fortune.

Obsidian is a perfect crystal for you if your personal self-esteem and confidence need a boost. Obsidians are also known as the Mirror Stone that expands one’s consciousness. Obsidian is a very protective stone and is excellent for blocking out and dissolving negative energies, thus protecting you against evil intentions. Obsidians are also effective at fighting stress and depression; promoting the release of grievances and acceptance of the past.

Aventurine is referred to by many as the all-purpose healing stone and some have called it the “Healer of the Heart and the Soul”. It is used for enhancing recovery of physical disorders, soothing the hearts, balancing emotions, calming the mind, and easing anxiety. Green in color, Aventurine promotes clarity of mind, helps you to focus and find creative solutions when you’re feeling overwhelmed by problems.

Rose Quartz is the most desirable of all quartz and is associated with love, romance, and relationships. Widely known as the “Love Stone”, Rose Quartz is most favored for its ability in speeding up the process for those seeking true love, mending broken relationships, and jazzing up your existing romance life. Rose quartz is also reputed to help with the comprehension of love, restores the love of self as well as love for others, and heals old emotional wounds while developing self-appreciation and love.

Yellow Jasper has the ability to balance yin and yang, and to channel positive energy, making one feeling better. The powerful Yellow Jasper crystal also cools, soothes, and calms the mind and nerves, hence reduces stress and brings tranquility. It enhances one’s ability to relax and heal if necessary. Jasper is also reputed to promote creativity, enhance spiritual solidarity, stimulate imagination, and imbue courage and willpower.

Jade or ‘yu’ in Chinese is also known as the “Stone of Heaven”. Though green is its signature color, Jade actually comes in many fine nuances of tones ranging from white to almost black. Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of years in China for its protective powers and healing qualities. It is also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility and enhance one’s health. Thus, Jade is very popular among the elderly folks who would often wear it in the form of a bracelet or carry a piece of the carved stone in their pockets. Today, Jade is regarded as a symbol of the good and the beautiful. It embodies the Confucian virtues of compassion, wisdom, humility, peace, harmony, modesty, justice, and courage.

Besides being a fabulous showpiece, having the Five Element Crystal Wu Lou for Health & Harmony near you is a simple and effective way to experience the powerful protective and healing vibrations of the Wu Lou symbol as well as each and every crystal. Be sure to display in your home or office to enjoy greater happiness, improved health, increased wealth, more success, and infinite fulfillment into your life.

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This item will be cleansed of negative energy and infused with positive Sheng Chi by using the singing bowl before shipment.

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