Five Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables


This Five Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables is an excellent feng shui remedy for the wu wang five yellow stars which bring accidents and financial loss.

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Made of heavy brass, this beautiful 5 Element Pagoda item is finished with lovely gold polish and further empowered with the lovely Tree of Life to invoke the blessings of heaven & earth and the OM AH HUM syllables for protection and blessings. The shape of this item has profound meaning, too – It represents the strengthening cycle of the 5 Elements, the basis of Feng Shui. The bottom is Earth, strengthening the Metal on top of it. The next shape is Water, which strengthens Wood and Fire tops off this lovely item in a cone symbolizing flame.

The Five Element Pagoda is an excellent cure for the deadly #5 Yellow Star which brings accidents, financial loss, and severe problems. It is also perfect for suppressing the #2 Black star, also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants. Placing the Five-Element Pagoda in the afflicted sector not only exhausts these malignant stars but activates the lucky 1, 6, and 8 flying stars as well.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolizes life itself, with its branches reaching for the Heavens and its buried roots linking to Mother Earth. Many ancient mythical stories come from the idea that all living beings are born from the earth; the source of life and sustenance for all. The tree has become a symbol of love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, redemption, friendship, bounty, and encouragement.

This item can be unscrewed and earth or crystal pieces can be placed inside for good luck. Fill the Five Element Pagoda up with earth taken from your garden or potted plants if you do not have a garden. This symbolizes “locking up” the #5 Yellow and hence suppresses its malignant chi.

OM AH HUM is individual Sanskrit seed syllables. Often used together in a chant, it is a powerful Tibetan Buddhist Mantra of Blessing which frequently precedes the recitation of other mantras. They’re associated with body, speech, and mind respectively implying the symbolism of trinity and representing the perfect state of being of each of these three bodies. Hence this mantra is said to purify bad karma unwittingly brought on by negative actions, speech and thoughts.

Enhanced by its gold color which represents the metal element in Feng Shui, the 5 Element Pagoda with Seed Syllables is also a formidable metal cure. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil influences and are particularly effective against the #5 Yellow and #2 Illness Stars which brings bad luck, ill health, mishaps, legal problems, accidents, and just an overall run of bad luck. Hence, besides being a beautiful display item, this powerful 5 Element Pagoda brings you all the blessings of life whilst protecting you from troubles, illnesses, and misfortunes.

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