Flaming Sword with Magic Wheel Keychain


The Flaming Sword with Magic Wheel Keychain is a powerful symbol to protect you from bad energies, especially from the #3 Quarrelsome Star.

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This powerful cure for argumentative energies comprises a gold plated medallion featuring the Dharmachakra (which means Wheel of Dharma or Wheel of Law) eight-spoke wheel topped with a flaming sword, indicating fire and metal energies, the perfect cure for the quarrelsome #3 Flying Star which brings quarrels, arguments, misunderstanding, disagreement, aggressions and conflicts leading to stress and relationship breakdown. Fire weakens the wood energy of the troublesome #3 whilst metal destroys wood by cutting through it. The reverse side is highly polished to a mirror-like reflective surface encircled by protective and empowering mantras to deflect bad intentions towards you.

The Magic Wheel, which is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, is a symbol of the Buddha’s teaching of the path to enlightenment. The Dharma Chakra has eight spokes that stand for Eight Fold Noble Path. These spokes which have sharp edges represent wisdom that can be applied to ward off ignorance. The shape of the wheel is round which conveys the completeness and faultlessness of the dharma teaching. The spokes stand for wisdom, the hub for discipline, and the rim for concentration. Discipline is extremely important in meditation, similarly, concentration is of utmost significance to hold everything together.

The Flaming Sword is the most distinctive emblem of Manjushri (Mahayana Buddhist bodhisattva of wisdom) which is also used to vanquish ignorance and delusion, transforming them into Wisdom. The flames suggest that the sword is not a literal one, and flames invariably represent transformation; hence the sword symbolizes the mind’s ability to cut through the fetters that bind beings to the cycle of delusion and suffering.

The Flaming Sword with Magic Wheel Keychain is thus a potent combination of powerful symbols not only to protect you from bad energies, especially from the #3 Quarrelsome Star but attracts the blessings of enlightenment, harmony, joy, success, and prosperity. Keep it close to you at all times for peace of mind and to ensure continued career luck and smooth dealings with colleagues and clients.

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