Flower of Romance Amulet


Keep this Flower of Romance Amulet is like having a fictitious third party around so the actual third party cannot materialize!

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This is a beautiful Flower of Romance Amulet comprising a gold plated medallion with the image of a rabbit and a fox, animals associated with love and infidelity respectively. This protective charm is embellished with a gold ball chain tassel for stunning looks. The reverse side features a powerful ancient seed syllable surrounded by 2 rings of secret mantras for relationship protection, especially from third-party interference.

Whilst famed for being cuddly and lovable, Rabbits also have special significance in Feng Shui, representing ‘flowers’ or ‘blossoms’ so where there are Rabbits, there will be love in the air for many people whether single or married. Foxes, on the other hand, are associated with wily 3rd parties, often seductive pretty young things out to wreak havoc on relationships. In fact, the Chinese equivalent of a slut is “Hu Li Jing” which literally means Fox Spirit. Possessing this protection amulet is like having a fictitious third party around so the actual third party cannot materialize!

Besides being a lovely accessory, the Flower of Romance Amulet brings you bountiful blessings of love and protection against infidelity. Made from high-quality metal, it also acts as a formidable cure to weaken the earth energies of the malignant #2 Black and #5 Yellow flying stars. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car or clip it onto your bag or anywhere you like. Keep it close to you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome more romance, harmony, and happiness into your life.

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