Flying Star Feng Shui Kit 2013


A complete set of 2013 Flying Star Feng Shui Kit comprising 10 crucial and essential cures and enhancers for your home and office.

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On February 4th, 2013 we enter a new solar Chinese New Year, the year of the Gui Si Water-Snake. That will be the time when the annual Feng Shui energy shift occurs, affecting the energy patterns of each and every building and its surroundings. Flying Star (飞星) Feng Shui is an accurate and powerful analysis of the movement of these energies, which can be positive as well as negative. It includes an analysis of the five elements and star combinations within any given space and time that will affect you favorably or unfavorably.

The Annual Flying Stars serve as an important indicator of the potential events of the year. As they change positions every year, the most important thing you can do to stay safe and to improve your overall luck is to take note of these changes. Then use the correct cures to reduce or deflect the harmful stars (#2, #3, #5, #7) and enhancers to harness and make full use of positive energies brought by the good or neutral stars (#1, #4, #6, #8, #9).


Flying Star Chart 2013

For this purpose, we have assembled a 2013 Flying Star Feng Shui Kit comprising 10 crucial and essential cures and enhancers for your home, 2 for the #4 and 1 each for the other stars.

  1. Golden Victory Banner for NORTH – #1 Star
  2. Wu Lou with Antahkarana Symbol for SOUTHWEST – #2 Star
  3. Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword for EAST – #3 Star
  4. Clear Quartz Crystal Nine Level Pagoda for SOUTHEAST – #4 Star
  5. Loving Pair of White Mandarin Ducks for SOUTHEAST – #4 Star
  6. Five-Element Pagoda with Fuk Luk Sau for CENTRE – #5 Star
  7. 6 Heaven Gold Coins with Dragon Plaque for NORTHWEST – #6 Star
  8. Blue Rhino and Elephant Plaque for WEST – #7 Star
  9. Figure 8 Water Feature for NORTHEAST – #8 Star
  10. Nine Rings Dragon Sword with Stand for SOUTH – #9 Star

North – #1 Lucky White Star


The #1 White Star flies to the North and represents extraordinary mentors and career luck. Mentor luck brings influential and wise people into your life to help you to achieve your life’s aspirations. This lucky start is likely to assist you in gaining more success and overcoming obstacles in the workplace or victory over your competitors. Activate this auspicious star with a Golden Victory Banner.

South West – #2 Illness Star


The #2 Illness Star is an earth element and brings disease, sickness, injuries, and general health problems to the South West sector. Avoid staying in this sector or room if you have a choice. Use Feng Shui cures such as the Wu Lou with Antahkarana Symbol to suppress the negative energy flowing from this star.

West – #3 Argumentative Star


The #3 Hostile Star is situated in the West and brings about conflicts, quarrels, and disharmony between family members, friends, and colleagues. Keep this part of the house quiet. An effective Feng Shui remedy to control and weaken the wood energy of this quarrelsome star is the Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword. Additionally, the powerful Dharmachakra or Wheel of Law invites protection and wisdom to conquer against evil, ignorance, and desires.

South East – #4 Romance & Scholastic Star

The #4 Romance & Literary Star flies into the South East bringing forth good luck on the romantic side of your life, as well as education and academic luck. Students residing in this sector will have better examination luck. Enhance academic luck with the Clear Quartz Crystal Nine Level Pagoda for Education Luck. For marital bliss or meeting the love of your life, display a Loving Pair of White Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom. This popular and potent symbol of love will not disappoint you.

Center – #5 Yellow Misfortune Star


This year, the feared #5 Yellow Star plagues the Center sector bringing with it financial problems, death, tragedies, accidents, mishaps, and everything that is negative and bad. Being in the center palace means that every member of the household is affected. It is thus imperative for every home to be protected from the evil Wu Wang – display the Five-Element Pagoda with Fuk Luk Sau for this purpose.

North West – #6 Heaven Star


The #6 Heavenly Star moves to the North West this year. It is a very beneficial star bringing good luck straight from heaven. Be prepared for plenty of good fortune and windfall luck. This auspicious star’s element is metal so enhance it with the 6 Heaven Gold Coins with Dragon Plaque.

West – #7 Violent Star


This #7 Violent Star hits the West sector and brings with it severe bad luck and tidings. It is a metal element associated with financial loss, robbery, theft, violence, and bloodshed. Watch your back during this period and be careful not to trust everyone. Remedy this star with the Blue Rhino and Elephant Plaque. The rhinoceros and elephant are powerful symbols of protection whilst the blue color (Water) will help weaken the Metal energy of this Burglary Star.

North East – #8 Wealth Star


The #8 Prosperity Star for 2013 resides in the North East. It is the star of fortune and good luck and brings with it lots of prosperity and abundance which may be in the form of a job promotion, mentor luck, or some other form of monetary fortune. Benefit from this auspicious area by using or staying here as much as possible. Use water to capture wealth by installing a Figure 8 Water Feature here. The auspicious number 8 is especially potent in the current Period 8 (2004 to 2024).

South – #9 Magnifying Star


The #9 Magnifying Star promotes wealth, fame, promotion, entrepreneur success, and celebration and also brings excellent future prospects. To enhance this purple star, place the Nine Rings Dragon Sword with Stand in the South of your study, bedroom, or living room.

All of the above items can be viewed on our site as individual products with the option to purchase them individually. This kit, as with all our products, has been cleansed of negative energy and empowered with powerful Sheng Ch’i energy making them even more effective for 2013. Get ready to welcome the Water Snake and maximize your potential in the year ahead. Remember, it is never too early to be prepared and similarly better late than never. Though it’s great to have all your cures and enhancers in place before the start of the New Year, it is also alright if you are a late bloomer, as many who have used them towards the end of the year previously have still gotten great results.

Finally, after making sure that your home is protected from afflictions and in an excellent position to fully harness the goodies of the year in 2013, you should do the same on a personal level. For this purpose, we have bundled 4 carries along with cures/enhancers with our 2013 Flying Star Kit. Hang or pop them into your bag or dangle on the rearview mirror of your car so that your personal ‘guardian angel’ is always there with you, to protect you from misfortune and bring you good luck wherever you are.

Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring


Make sure that that career advancement and business opportunities are aplenty and victory luck follows you wherever you are by carrying the Career Enhancement Victory Banner Key Ring to boost the #1 Lucky White Star.

Flaming Magic Wheel Talisman


The Flaming Magic Wheel Talisman carries the energy of the Feng Shui element Fire and is thus an effective cure to subdue the quarrelsome wood-based #3 Star.

Trinity 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life Keychain


Keep the Trinity 5 Element Pagoda and Tree of Life Amulet with you all the time to overcome troubles, illnesses, and misfortunes brought by the malicious #5 Star of Misfortune.

Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain


The Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain is handy yet powerful protection against robbery, accidents, injuries, and enemies brought by the Violent #7 Star.

*Note: Not sure how to incorporate this kit into your house or business premises? No worries, just email us your floor plan layout (with detailed measurements). Our master will advise you on the correct placement of these Feng Shui essentials.

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