Golden 5 Element Bell


This Golden 5 Element Bell Feng Shui cure is specially designed to suppress the #5 Yellow Flying Star.

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This Feng Shui cure is specially designed to suppress the #5 Yellow Flying Star and can also be used to control any other earth energy afflictions e.g. #2 sickness star. This bell captures bad energy and transforms it into good energy. The symbol of 5 element pagoda, which is another powerful cure for the 5 Yellow is engraved on the bell. The Chien trigram and round shape found around the bell represents heaven and mental energy. This 5 Element Bell is further empowered with the mantra of the essence of all tathagatas.

Place this in the afflicted sector (refer to Monthly Flying Star Forecast) to counter the deadly five yellow star which brings accidents, financial loss, and misfortunes of all kinds.

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Dimensions 15.2 × 8.9 × 12 cm