Golden Dzhambala Seed Syllable Key Chain


This Dzhambala Seed Syllable Keychain Amulet will help to stabilize your financial situations and provide you comfort and economic well-being for long and happy life.


This gorgeous protective amulet comprises an intricately crafted Dzam (or Jam) Seed Syllable which is associated with the Dzambhala wealth deities. It is finished in brilliant gold and crowned with a single dazzling crystal to enhance its wealth attracting potency.

In the Buddhist religion, Dzambhala (or Jambhala) is the wealth-giving form of Avalokiteśvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Jambhala’s blessings are to help others by eliminating poverty, so that one may focus on the path or spirituality more effectively. Over time there evolved not one but five wealthy Dzambalas (White, Yellow, Red, Green, and Black) each with his own mantra and practice to help eradicate poverty and create financial stability. The Dzam syllable is common in all the mantras of the five Dzambalas who are viewed as protectors of wealth, abundance, and prosperity and all carry the jewel-spouting mongoose in their left hand. It is this mongoose that causes wealth to flow into your home when you do the Jambhala practice with noble intention.

Get blessings and protection from all 5 Dzambalas by having Dzhambala Seed Syllable Amulet with you everywhere you go – just clip it on your bag or anywhere you like. It will help to stabilize your financial situation and provide you comfort and economic well-being for long and happy life.

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