Golden Lion Head Door Knockers (L)


Position these Golden Lion Head Door Knockers on your door to prevent people of evil intentions from entering the house and to ward off “Shar Chi” (killing energy).

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This is a pair of ferocious-looking yet majestic Lion Head Door Knockers crafted from solid brass and finished with a beautiful sheen of gold plating. Each Lion Head has a ring clenched between its teeth for guests to announce their arrival.

The Fu Dog Head doorknockers are ancient guardians on doors for palaces, mansions, and homes of royalties, officials, and merchants. Position these guardians on your door to prevent people with evil intentions from entering the house and to ward off “Shar Chi” (killing energy). They are best to guard the main entrance of your home or office and protect the whole family from being harmed. They are crafted from heavy brass which makes them strong enough to terminate any evil or yin energies. It is normally installed as one piece on the one-sided door or in pairs for two-sided doors to protect the entire family from accidents, robbery, and any other forms of bad luck.

The lion is frequently used to represent strength and protection, two important components for most homes. The lion head famous in countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan is a powerful symbol that can provide potent protection against harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, dissolves bad energy, and bring in happy blessings when fixed to the door of your house or office. It also prevents robbery and theft as well as bringing in better business and sales because the lion is regarded as the king of animals with a big mouth and sharp teeth that will “swallow” anything that comes its the way. The lion also signifies the glory and grandeur of the breadwinner or patriarch of the family.

In fact, the temple lion head knocker is fast gaining popularity in many households. Not only because of its good Feng Shui but it is also a splendid and simple way to increase the elegance of your front door. Knockers have been in use for hundreds of years, not merely for their decorative qualities but for the practical purpose of alerting homeowners to a visitor’s arrival. Although many modern homes will utilize a doorbell (electric or manual) a knocker can be used in addition. Knockers are a more prominent feature on the door, easy to locate and guests can be assured it is always in working order.

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