Green Aventurine Money Toad


Displaying this Green Aventurine Money Toad will bring you abundance, longevity, harmony, authority, success, and healing.

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This is an adorable figurine of a miniature Money Frog carved from green Aventurine.

The Money Toad, also known as the three-legged toad or “Chan Chu” in Chinese is probably the most auspicious symbol of money-making. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive the good news of increased wealth or monetary gain. Often portrayed sitting on a bed of wealth bearing a coin in its mouth, it is a wonderful symbol for wealth and career luck and for the patriarch of the family. The Money Frog is used for attracting wealth and abundance and can often be seen near cash registers, receptions, managers’ desks, and offices in Oriental countries.

Aventurine is a lovely stone most commonly found in shades of green, but it may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue, or grey. It is said to promote clarity of mind and self-confidence and thus reinforces decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities. Aventurine encourages calmness and positivity and helps to release emotional pain in a gentle, effective way. Aventurine strengthens an individual sense of self and is the ideal stone for those who are looking for a positive view of life. It is also said to enhance the sense of humor and cheerfulness of its possessor.

Be sure to benefit from the protective and beneficial energy of the Green Aventurine Money Toad by displaying it in your home or office. Besides being a charming showpiece, the combined energies from the powerful Money Frog symbol and Aventurine will bring you abundance, longevity, harmony, authority, success, and healing.

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