Green Jade Bat Biting Coin Pendant Necklace


Great Feng Shui product to improve your life – Green Jade Bat Biting Coin Pendant Necklace.

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A bold and beautiful pendant made of Green Jade designed into a cube carved with the symbol of bats biting coins to represent good wealthy luck. This pendant is augmented by petite jade beads and tassels and strung on Chinese silk cording. It is adjustable.

In traditional China, the bat is a popular auspicious symbol of good luck and wealth because the sound for Bats in Chinese, ‘Fuk’ is similar to good fortune and happiness.

JADE or ‘yu’ in Chinese is also known as the “Stone of Heaven”. Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of years in China for its purity, serenity, protective powers, and healing qualities. It is also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility, and attract good luck and enhance one’s health. Associated with the heart chakra, Jade increases love.

Making an eye-catching adornment aside, the Green Jade Bat Biting Coin Pendant offers a dose of good fortune luck to its wearer.

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