Guardian Deity Protector for Monkey


If you are a Monkey person, make sure you enjoy the protection of your guardian deity by wearing or having the Vairocana Pendant.


Each zodiac has designated a deity who will offer special attention and help to the particular zodiac to provide great power in clearing obstacles and inviting wealth from endless resources. The Monkey’s guardian deity is Vairocana whose miraculous energy helps eliminate disasters, lighten problems, attract good fortune and bring good health. No effort will be spared to look after the well-being of the Monkey who falls under his special protection and guardianship.

This is a lovely emblem of the Bodhisattva Vairocana; (Dari Rulai in Chinese) is a celestial Buddha who is also called the “Great Illuminator” and the Supreme Buddha. It is carved from pristine white coral which is considered magical in the realm of crystals and gemstones, associated with emotional healing and protection. Vairocana whose Sanskrit name means “luminous one” or “embodiment of light” represents the all-pervading wisdom of the Dharmadhatu, the absolute Buddha-nature. In depictions of the five Dhyani or Wisdom Buddhas, he is the central figure, a personification of the dharmakaya – everything, unmanifested, free of characteristics and distinctions. His all-encompassing wisdom vanquishes ignorance clears the road to enlightenment and bliss. As befitting the protector/charge relationship, the Monkey is shown in complete repose at the foot of Vairocana, calm and relaxed, knowing that he is being watched over by heavenly eyes.

If you are a Monkey (what is my Chinese zodiac?), make sure you enjoy the protection of your guardian deity by wearing or having the Vairocana Pendant near you at all times. You may also display the amulet in the South West or keep it together with personal belongings.

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Crystal, Coral