High Grade 7mm Faceted Citrine Bracelet for Wealth


Wear the 7mm Faceted Citrine Bracelet to experience the powerful healing vibrations of this wonderful crystal, especially in attracting wealth and abundance.

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This exquisite bracelet is made up of faceted 7mm yellow Citrine crystal beads strung on the tough elastic band for a comfortable fit for all sizes.

Pale golden yellow to yellowish-brown, for thousands of years, Citrine has been a special gem believed to be the most powerful generator of wealth! Also commonly known as the “merchant stone”, Citrine brings excellent business luck, attracts abundance, fortune, and wealth. Citrine has the extra power to help prevent financial losses or from being robbed, cheated, or assaulted. Apart from the ability to multiply money, Citrine can also be used to energize luck in education and enhance one’s self-esteem. Citrine is recognized by Feng Shui masters as the most potent wealth enhancer for Period 8 (Earth Element – 2004 to 2024) with crystals being splendid symbols of the Earth element and its yellow color further enhances its Earth energy. Therefore, Citrine is extremely powerful in solidifying your wealth luck

Citrine is one of two minerals that does not accumulate negative vibes in its surroundings. Instead, it helps to dissolve and transform all these negative energies, which means one will never need to perform clearing or cleansing rituals on it.

Besides being a gorgeous accessory, the 7mm Faceted Citrine Crystal Bracelet is a Feng Shui lucky amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with the lucky Citrine crystal. Wearing it is a simple and effective way to experience the powerful healing vibrations of this wonderful crystal, especially in attracting wealth and abundance.

This crystal product will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Ch’i.

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Citrine Crystal


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