Horoscope Boar Tassel


The Horoscope Boar Tassel is perfect as a gift for your beloved friends and relatives born in the year of Boar.


TheĀ Horoscope Boar Tassel is a beautiful piece, made from good quality man-made jade. It is accented with smaller jade ingots to symbolize wealth luck. If you are a ‘Boar’ person, carry it along with you everywhere you go. Tie or hang this Horoscope Boar Tassel anywhere you like for instance your briefcase, handbag, or your rearview mirror of your car.

If your horoscope reading says you will experience a tough year ahead, worry not. Your Horoscope Rat Tassel will give you the strength to see through it, help you to overcome obstacles and make the most out of it to reap maximum benefits. It will also help you to keep friends loyal to you, preventing betrayal from acquaintances you thought were friends. This will ensure a smooth sailing and successful year ahead as your Chinese horoscope sign figurine will assist you and protect you from trouble whether it be at work, at school, or in your business, during good or difficult times.

This Feng Shui remedy is recommended by many Feng Shui masters and will not disappoint you. Get one of these lovely amulets today!

Perfect as a gift for your beloved friends and relatives born in the year of Boar.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 1.3 × 1.6 cm



Jadeite Green