Jade Cicada Pendant with Chain


Jade Cicada Pendant with Chain. Cicada is a popular emblem of long life and immortality in Chinese culture.

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This beautifully carved Cicada pendant is strung to an adjustable necklace decorated with some round and Buddhist Swastika beads.

The Cicada is a much-beloved symbol of insects in China. Being the longest living insect, it is a popular emblem of long life and immortality. In ancient China, jade cicadas were used to be buried along with the dead as this is believed to ensure that your deceased beloveds will have a good afterlife.

The symbol of Cicada also represents happiness, youthfulness, and fertility. It is believed that placing the Cicada in your Nien Yen direction based on your KUA number would bring joy in your marriage and aid conception for couples who have been trying for years but failed.

Last but not least, the Cicada is a powerful emblem for great comebacks and an amulet for protection against betrayal, politics, and backstabbing. If you have been experiencing a series of bad luck at work or in your business, the cicada is perfect for you. Wearing a symbol of Cicada will protect you from unfaithful friends, scheming bosses, jealous colleagues, and competitors.

The Jade Cicada Pendant is perfect for your beloved career person in your life.

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