Jade Longevity Bottle Pendant Necklace


Envelope yourself with health and longevity energies by wearing this Jade Bottle Pendant Necklace.


Beautiful jade pendant carved into the shape of a Chinese longevity bottle – the bottle believed to contain the elixirs for long life or nectar of immortality. Hangs on a cotton necklace accented with decorative beads and knots. Envelope yourself with health and longevity energies by wearing this Jade Bottle Pendant Necklace.

There is a Chinese saying that goes “It’s better to die as a jade than live as a tile”. Almost everyone in China wears jade or owns at least one piece of jade ornament/jewelry. Jade, also known as the “Stone of Heaven” by the Chinese contains more than 30 elements that are beneficial to the body. Jade is worn for more than beauty. There are many reasons Chinese adore this beautiful stone. – to keep them safe, for good luck, to keep illness away, for its calming effect, to improve blood circulation, and for long-term health benefits.

Available in Ancient Jade, Green Jade, and Lavender Jade.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 2.2 × 1 cm



Jade Color