Jade Lotus Flower Necklace


Wear this beautiful Jade Lotus Flower Necklace to promote peace and contentment, bring good luck, happy tidings, and opportunities.

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This is a gorgeous necklace featuring a jade pendant carved into the beautiful shape of a Lotus flower. Put this beautiful Jade Pure Lotus Necklace on to promote peace and contentment, bring good luck, happy tidings, and opportunities.

This Lotus pendant is strung on tough Chinese silk string embellished with decorative beads. The length of this necklace is adjustable to suit all sizes. (the design of the string may not match exactly the one shown in the photos)

The Lotus, called ‘Lian Hua’ in Chinese is a universal symbol of purity and enlightenment. Regarded as a good fortune flower by many Feng Shui masters, the lotus is said to turn bad luck into good luck and heighten your sense of joy and peace. In Chinese custom, the word ‘Lian’ sounds successive and if depicted with the image of a baby, it becomes a symbol of good descendant luck. Lotus seed in Chinese is “Lian jee”, which sounds like a phrase that means “every year you have a son.” And because lotus leaves protect the fish under them and fish is regarded as abundant, the lotus also symbolizes good fortune secured through generations. One of the Eight Immortals, Ho Hsien Ku holds a lotus. She’s a symbol of family and marriage luck.

The Lotus rising beautifully from the mud and murky water signifies overcoming obstacles in life suggests bad things can turn good and pure, even in the darkest and gloomiest situations. This inspires one that one can distance oneself from any bad luck and sufferings, eventually rise out of it and bloom elegantly if one has a pure and sincere heart.

The Lotus is also associated with Buddhism. The Buddhist sutras say that the lotus has four virtues: scent, purity, softness, and loveliness. Legend has it that before Siddhartha Gautama’s or the Buddha’s birth, his mother dreamed of a white elephant presenting her with a lotus flower. When the Buddha was born, a lotus appeared with each of the seven steps he took in ten directions.

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