Jade Ruyi With Swastika Hanging


Carry this Jade Ruyi With Swastika Hanging anywhere you like is believed to bring authority and promotion luck to those who wish to climb the career ladder.

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Carry it along with you everywhere you go. Tie or hang this Jade RuYi with Swastika Hanging anywhere you like for instance your briefcase, handbag, mobile phone, or your rearview mirror of your car. The Ru Yi is a symbol of authority used by high-ranking officials of ancient times is believed to bring authority and promotion luck to those who wish to climb the career ladder.

Jade or ‘yu’ in Chinese is also known as the “Stone of Heaven”. Comes in many fine nuances of green, but also in shades of white, black, grey, orange, yellow, and violet tones, Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of years in China for its protective powers and healing qualities. It is also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility and enhance one’s health. Therefore, Jade is very popular among the elderly folks who would often wear it in the form of a bracelet or carry a piece of the carved stone in their pockets.  Today, Jade is regarded as a symbol of the good and the beautiful. It embodies the Confucian virtues of compassion, wisdom, humility, peace, harmony, modesty, justice, and courage

What the Ru Yi symbolizes and how to use this symbol to enhance your Feng Shui

The Ru Yi is one of the most powerful symbols of power, leadership, and authority. Also known as the scepter of power, the Ru Yi was a tool for high-ranking officials of Imperial China in ancient times. They were usually made of precious gems such as jade or gold cloisonné. This symbolic item is also carried by Luk, one of the three-star deities Fuk Luk Sau which represents abundance and wealth. The deity ‘Tua Peh Kong’ carries one too.

Whenever authority and leadership qualities required in a person’s profession or life, a Ru Yi is an ideal item to own. Therefore, it is a must-have for the patriarch of the family, CEOs, directors, managers, and politicians who are climbing the career ladder. Often seen placed prominently on the desk of successful people with high positions, a Ru Yi will create a special kind of Chi that boosts one’s career luck, promises respect and recognition, and ensures smoothness of business pursuits.

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