Kalachakra Stupa with Lotus Hum Key Chain


This Kalachakra Stupa with Lotus Hum Key Chain is ideal for countering afflictive stars, especially the deadly #5 Misfortune Flying Star.


This gorgeous amulet featuring a Buddhist Stupa with the powerful Kalachakra Tenfold plaque is a powerful talisman to overcome all kinds of bad afflictions brought by the year’s bad flying stars and revitalize the energy around you. On the other side of the amulet is the symbol of 5 gold coins to signify prosperity, good fortune, and success. Further empowered with the HUM syllable on top of a Lotus flower, this amulet is ideal for countering afflictive stars, especially the deadly #5 Misfortune Flying Star.

Stupa is a pyramidal or dome-like form Buddhist monument created over sacred relics of the historical Buddha or other saints or venerable persons. As such, Stupas have been built and revered by millions of people worldwide as magical objects with miraculous powers. The word Stupa is a Sanskrit word that literally means “to heap” or “to pile up.” There are three representations of the Buddha– body, speech, and mind. Actual statues are representations of Buddha’s holy body. The scriptures represent Buddha’s holy speech. And stupas are the representation of the Buddha’s holy mind, hence they are also described as “the embodiment of wisdom”.

HUM, the seed syllable of Akshobhya- the immovable, the unfluctuating, that which cannot be disturbed by anything, is used in many sacred mantras including the powerful Om Mani Padme Hum. Meaning indivisibility, or something which cannot be torn apart, holds both wisdom and method and this cannot be broken or divided. It is a reminder that each one of us has purity within us-we just have to go through the paths to enlightenment to uncover it and erase all impurities from ourselves. The symbol also helps us realize the emptiness of the words, thereby helping us detach from the world to seek enlightenment.

The Lotus is one of the most common symbols in Eastern spirituality. Its serene and wide petals often form the base of Buddha or Goddess statues. The flower is commonly seen in the hand of a deity, featured in Buddhist and Hindu art, decorating alters, symbolizing energy points, or highlighted in sacred texts. The lotus represents the Higher, Divine Self – a symbol of enlightenment. Each of us has the inherent ability to reach his or her full potential, and therefore, “bloom” in the midst of the muck.

Keeping the Kalachakra Stupa with Lotus Hum Key Chain near you is a very powerful way to purify negative karma and obscuration, and to accumulate extensive merit. Hang it on or pop it in your bag. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car to benefit from its sacred radiating presence and transmissions of bountiful blessings.

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