Labrodorite Ruyi Crystal Pendant

Elevate your style with our Ru Yi pendant crafted from labradorite, bringing leadership energy and positive vibes.


Beautiful Ru Yi pendant carved out of labradorite stone. Comes with a free stainless steel chain. The ru yi is a powerful scepter, former tool of imperial officials, scholars and staff, in feng shui it is honored as an emblem of leadership, power and esteem. In ancient China, the power scepter was used by imperial employees, government officials and dynasty empresses. Ru Yi literally translates to “as you wish,” an accurate declaration of the authority and respect a Ru Yi is known to earn from subjects and admirers.  Wearing the Ru Yi pendant is believed to increase career luck, to generate a positive chi for gaining respect and fame as well as granting ease and decorum in your business endeavors and pursuits. It will yield you influence over people in your workplace and authority in your field. It will also enable your self-discipline so as to strengthen your ethics and abilities. The body tone of these mystical labradorite beads is gray and black with labradorescence of blues that will illuminate the path to your destiny. Labradorescence is the term given to the distinct iridescence of high quality labradorite gemstones. Labradorite is an instantly recognizable stone with a stunning sheen and gorgeous play of colors. It’s beautiful color and flashes of light is so spectacular that the Inuit people believed that the stone was the Northern Lights captured in the rocks. Labradorite is a very fascinating and protective crystal. It can protect you from ill will and block negative energies from entering your aura and at the same time prevent positive energy leaking out of it while bringing out the positive aspect of your character. This mystical stone removes insecurities and fears and helps to restore and strengthens one’s faith in the self. If you have an overractive mind that can’t seem to stop thinking or analyzing unnecessarily, Labradorite can tame that. With a calmer mind, you will enjoy a heightened sense of awareness and also will sleep better. This crystal also helps develop enthusiasm, stimulate the imagination and fire it up with ideas and creativity. Labradorite is an excellent stone used to sharpen intuitions and dispel illusions. As a workplace stone, Labradorite brings out the best in people, making work life more congenial.  It assists in reducing anti-social, reckless or impulsive behavior in children, teenagers and adults who are easily led into trouble by others, and may aid in detoxifying the effects of tobacco, alcohol, and to a lesser degree, hard drugs. Crystal Pendant will be cleansed before shipment.

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Dimensions 0.375 × 0.755 × 0.15 cm