Liuli Scepter Ruyi Water Feature for Success Luck


The Liuli Scepter Ruyi Water Feature is specially designed with Feng Shui in mind to generate prosperity chi and successful luck.

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Water, the source of life and vital for all known living beings has an amazing healing power as it cleanses, refreshes, and restores energy in our lives. Water movement is thus one of the most potent ways to activate chi and thus Feng Shui luck.

water feature is a simple and effective enhancer of good fortune that magnifies business luck, wealth luck, and riches. Placing a water feature in the correct corners of homes or business premises is the best method of energizing the wonderful essence of the water element that offers the promise of enhanced money luck. It provides the perfect mechanism to circulate and distribute good chi to energize your space. When applied correctly, it is a powerful prosperity generator and will generally bring more opportunity to every aspect of your life.

This really is an impressive-looking water feature made of resin to imitate colorful liuli crystals. Liuli literally means colored glass in ancient Chinese but now it refers to an exquisite type of glass made from a special lost-wax casting technique (also known as pate-de-Verre or cire-perdue). This lovely item, specially designed with Feng Shui in mind to generate prosperity chi and fortune luck will add Feng Shui beauty and auspicious chi to any home or office decor. It is crafted into the powerful Ruyi or Chinese Scepter, one of the most potent symbols of power, leadership, and authority, and success. For added potency, this charming sculpture sits on a pretty round bowl with a pair of dragons coiled around it.

Whenever authority and leadership qualities are required in a person’s profession or life, a Ruyi is an ideal item to own. Therefore, it is a must-have for the patriarch of the family, CEOs, directors, managers, and politicians who are climbing the career ladder. Often seen placed prominently on the desk of successful people with high positions, a Ruyi will create a special kind of Chi that boosts one’s career luck, promises respect and recognition, and ensures smoothness of business pursuits.

In terms of the movement of water, the best and most recommended by most Classical Feng Shui Masters is one that has a rolling ball mechanism incorporated in the water feature, such as this one. The strong pump raises water to the topmost of the water feature, rolling the ball in the process, and cascades down to the basin below. The moving water and ball which symbolize the never-ending turnover of good luck will activate or create auspicious chi that will significantly enhance the aspirations you desire, with an amazingly positive effect on your wealth and health. This water feature has an internal light to draw happiness and positive regard.

Simply add water and switch on the power to add great impact to your wealth luck! Every home and office should have one.

* Select the adaptor’s operating voltage (110V or 220V) after adding it to your shopping cart.

Water Features and its Application in Feng Shui:

To the Chinese water has always been associated with the accumulation of wealth, increased prosperity, financial success, and added income. Even in the English language, there are many associations between water and money such as ‘float a loan’ or ‘cash flow’.

According to world-famous Feng Shui Master Lillian Too, “Anyone can get rich with water.” Almost all Feng Shui masters who audit homes will not leave without recommending the installation of some kind of water features for those who intend to get seriously rich. Water in Feng Shui represents livelihood and wealth; it signifies incomes that flow into households as well as assets that are accumulated over time. A regular flow of water symbolizes regular income coming into your home. The presence of auspicious water brings not only wealth chi but also other wonderful benefits such as improved health for older residents, better harmony to the home, and greater success luck for younger members of the family. Scientifically, flowing or moving water provides additional health benefits by releasing negative ions to neutralize positive ions, thereby purifying the environment; they also increase the humidity levels, decreasing the level of dust, pollutants, and static electricity. Excessive positive ions in the air created by pollutants may cause sickness and depression.

When placed correctly around, within, or outside the home, water has the ability to activate the chi that brings prosperity. There are many different ways water can be placed to become powerful feng shui features to attract wealth.

Here are some ways you can use a water feature to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. Water in the North sector is excellent for career growth based on the Eight Aspirations Pa Kua Method. As the directional element of this sector is water, when enhanced with a beautiful water feature, it will activate good fortune and bring upward mobility to working people in the house. The water here will attract bigger and better job opportunities and increase sales in your business.

2. Water in the East corner brings powerful growth luck that accumulates into wealth. East is associated with wood elements and water produces wood. It is also the director of the Dragon and is thus filled with the cosmic breath of the Dragon, bringing health, longevity, and posterity. The East is also the sector that governs growth and health. A good water feature here will feed the wood to suffuse the surroundings with healthy growth energy.

3. Being also of Wood element, water in Southeast is always beneficial. Placing a small water feature in the Southeast sector is an excellent Feng Shui energizer, one which will create the catalyst for wealth to flow into the home. As this sector governs wealth luck, displaying a rolling ball water feature in the Southeast will ensure an increase in money and wealth or simply a higher level of income.

4. To fully tap the energy of Period 8 (The year 2004 to 2024), a water feature in the Southwest which is the secondary wealth corner during this period, enhances the income of the residents.

5. The wealth star for Period 8 is Water Star (aka Facing Star) 8. Placing a water feature in this sector brings exceptionally good prosperity luck and enormous wealth luck to the household. By the side of your water feature, place a marble or wood dragon for further enhancement. The presence of the dragon creates auspicious symbolism as it suggests a thirsty dragon drinking water. This means that those needing wealth will find it. Ensure that there is no Mountain Star (aka Sitting Star) 8 in this location or it will bring loss of money or a loss of an important relationship.

6. Water feature can also be used as a remedy to cure a location afflicted with the Violent #7 flying star which brings burglary, theft, and violence. Water element will weaken the metal energy of this malignant star. * Keep your water fresh and clean at all times. Besides being bad Feng Shui, dirty water can lead to health problems. You do not want sickness vibes created in your lucky spot.

** Make sure that the water feature is placed on the left-hand side of the main door (inside looking out). Water placed to the right of the main door can cause husbands to stray and develop extramarital affairs whereas water features on both sides of your front door signify tears and can lead to heartaches and calamities.

*** Never energize the bedroom with water as this leads to illness, loss, burglary, and misfortune.

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