Medicine Buddha and The 7 Sugata Gau for Good Health


This strikingly beautiful Medicine Buddha and 7 Sugata Gau feature all 8 of the Buddha’s emanations and their powerful mantras in whole.

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This strikingly beautiful Medicine Buddha and 7 Sugata Gau feature all 8 of the Buddha’s emanations and their powerful mantras in whole. It offers powerful strength against health afflictions and suffering. It is adorned with lovely blue crystals to invoke the power of the blue-colored Buddha. It has a secret compartment to keep your wishes for good health.

Each of the eight Medicine Buddha is specialized in healing different types of ailments and problems – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or even financial. The Medicine Buddha has made a vow to help those who call upon him when ill or injured, and to aid those who revere him to achieve long and healthy life.

Medicine Buddha, also known as the Healing Buddha, the King of Healer, the Master of Healing, Medicine Master, or the King of Lapis Lazuli Light is the most revered model of a healer in Mahayana Buddhism. According to the Medicine Buddha sutra, among the 12 vows he made upon attaining Enlightenment was to heal beings born with illness, physical sufferings, and deformities, to heal mental afflictions and delusions, to help relieve the sick and the destitute, and to help the oppressed be free from suffering. Those who are sick or injured who call upon him will get his help. He will aid those who wish to live a long and healthy life. Worshipped as the dispenser of spiritual medicine that could heal physical, spiritual, and psychological illness, it is believed that the invocation of his name or simply thinking of him is therapeutic and helps purify negative karma. He is depicted holding a blooming Myrobalan plant in an extended gesture of giving. According to Tibetan belief, the Myrobalan is the only herb that is able to aid in healing the three conflicting emotions that are the root causes of illnesses, namely passion, aggression, and ignorance. His left hand is in the meditation mudra position and holds a bowl filled with miraculous healing nectar.

Display in the center of your home, on the altar, in the sector afflicted by #2 Illness Star, or in the living/main room as this is believed to eliminate not only pain of diseases but also help in overcoming the major inner sickness of hatred, attachment, greed, desire and ignorance, and to remove obstacles to having a healthy body and mind. Those who are always sick or have poor health luck reading should chant the Medicine’s Buddha mantra daily to further empower this Feng Shui cure.


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