Medicine Buddha Feng Shui Window Sticker


Discover the divine essence of the Medicine Buddha, a revered deity associated with healing and longevity.


Discover the divine essence of the Medicine Buddha, a revered deity associated with healing and longevity. Embrace his divine presence to safeguard yourself from various physical, mental, and emotional afflictions. Amplify the aura of protection in your car or home by affixing this Medicine Buddha Window Sticker and his empowering mantra.

Experience the profound benefits of chanting his sacred mantra on a daily basis: TAYATHA OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE RADZA SAMUDGATE SOHA. This ancient invocation holds the power to invoke healing energies and awaken inner harmony.

The Medicine Buddha, also known as the Healing Buddha, holds a position of great reverence as the epitome of a healer within Mahayana Buddhism. This esteemed figure is referred to by various names, such as the King of Healers, the Master of Healing, Medicine Master, or the King of Lapis Lazuli Light.

According to the teachings found in the Medicine Buddha sutra, the Medicine Buddha made twelve vows upon attaining Enlightenment. These vows encompass a wide range of healing aspects, including the intention to alleviate the suffering of those born with illness, physical afflictions, or deformities. Furthermore, the Medicine Buddha aspires to heal mental afflictions, alleviate delusions, assist the sick and destitute, and liberate the oppressed from their suffering. Those who are sick or injured can call upon the Medicine Buddha for assistance, and he is also known to aid those seeking a long and healthy life.

The Medicine Buddha is venerated as the provider of spiritual medicine capable of healing physical, spiritual, and psychological illnesses. It is believed that invoking his name or simply contemplating his presence can have a therapeutic effect, helping to purify negative karma and bring about a sense of well-being.

Embrace the profound teachings and healing energies associated with the Medicine Buddha. Allow his compassionate presence to guide you on a path of healing, both physically and spiritually. By connecting with the Medicine Buddha, you open yourself to the transformative power of his wisdom and compassion.

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