Medicine Buddha Mirror

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Display or carry the Medicine Buddha Mirror with you all the time to enjoy the blessings of Buddha and protection from harm, especially the sickness energy from the #2 Illness Star.


This is an exquisite Mirror comprising a gold plated rectangular plate with one side featuring the much revered Blue Medicine Buddha within a mandala. So named because of his compassionate ability to provide the ultimate antidote to the removal of success and health obstacles, the Medicine Buddha sits in the central palace where the transforming power of healing resides, surrounded by medicinal herbs. The other side has a shiny reflective surface with encircling mantras. It is embellished with blue crystals on the outer edge with a polished gold handle ending in a metallic blue ball chain tassel

Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of the collective healing power of all the Buddhas. He is the physician, the enlightened healer who protects living beings from physical and mental sickness, as well as other dangers and obstacles. His radiant body azure blue, the Medicine Buddha is depicted sitting on a lotus throne and his right hand is outstretched towards the ground over his right knee in the gesture called supreme generosity. In it, he holds the blooming myrobalan, or arura – the plant that represents all the best medicines. His left hand is in the meditation mudra – rested in his lap, palm upward and holding a pot that contains the nectar of immortality. All these signify the eradication of sickness and suffering.

Invite the Medicine Buddha into your home or place of work or better yet, carry this talisman in your bag to enjoy the harmonious vibrations and protective aura wherever you are. Besides being a beautiful collector’s item, the Medicine Buddha Mirror will not only bring healing and good health but also good fortune and success.

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