Medicine Buddha Protector Card Amulet


Carry the Medicine Buddha Protector Card Amulet with you to enjoy the blessings of Buddha and to avert suffering and live a long and healthy life.

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This is a handy pocket-sized carry-along talisman card to fit perfectly into your wallet or purse. It features the beautiful Medicine Buddha on one side and his mantra and brief description on the other. Wafer-thin yet hardy, the metallic gold card is framed all around with motifs of the Buddhist swastika for an aesthetic reason as well as Feng Shui enhancement.

Medicine Buddha (药师佛), so named because of his compassionate ability to provide the ultimate antidote to the removal of success and health obstacles, is the embodiment of the collective healing power of all the Buddhist Deities. He is the supreme physician, the dispenser of spiritual medicine, and enlightened healer who protects living beings from physical and mental sickness, as well as other dangers and obstacles. The Medicine Buddha is depicted sitting on a lotus throne and his right hand is outstretched towards the ground over his right knee in the gesture called supreme generosity. In it, he holds the arura plant, known for its healing powers. His left hand is in the meditation mudra – rested in his lap, palm upward and holding a pot that contains the nectar of immortality. All these signify the eradication of sickness and suffering.

Carry the Medicine Buddha Protector Card Amulet with you everywhere you go to enjoy the blessings of Buddha and to avert sufferings and live a long and healthy life. It is also an excellent Feng Shui cure to protect you from harm, especially the sickness energy from the #2 Illness Star.

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