Mega Feng Shui Ru Yi With Wish Granting Mantra


This beautiful Mega Feng Shui Ru Yi With Wish Granting Mantra brings the luck of wealth, success, and abundance to people who own it.

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This beautiful red and gold Ru Yi brings the luck of wealth, success, and abundance. It features the Double Dragon for success, the Bat for happiness, the Double Fish for abundance, Mandarin Ducks for love, the Lotus for integrity, and gold ingots for prosperity. It is also adorned with the Chinese phrase “Yue Yee Kat Cheong” which means “wishes come true and lots of auspicious blessings”. On its back is the Wish Granting Mantra.

Ru Yi is a Chinese scepter, a ceremonial staff traditionally used by the Emperors, high-ranking imperial officials, and scholars as the symbol of authority. Its shape is curved with a head often carved like a cloud or Ling Zhi (Chinese fungus of immortality) and was usually embellished with precious jewels and stones. One can often see this symbolic ornamental staff being held by Chinese gods and deities such as the Laughing Buddha, the central figure in Fuk Luk Sau and Tua Pek Kong.

Ru Yi literally means “as you wish”, which makes it a good fortune Feng Shui symbol that is believed to help remove obstacles and ease endeavors.

Those who are interested in gaining or maintaining power, leadership, or authority luck in their career or in life could borrow the energy of the Ru Yi. Place it on your desk, behind where you sit in the office, or in the North sector as it’s reputed to remove hindrances and clear the pathway to career success. It is believed to primarily benefit directors, CEOs, politicians, and managers. Ru Yi makes a great gift for those who are in pursuit of high goals, visions, and aspirations.

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