Mini Laughing Buddha (Set of 6)


Mini Laughing Buddha (Set of 6). Each Laughing Buddha is depicted in a different posture carrying various good fortune symbols.

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Feeling good looking at this set of mini Laughing Buddha? That’s the duty of the Six Laughing Buddha, to bring joy and happiness wherever they appear! Each Laughing Buddha is depicted in different posture carrying various good fortune symbols such as the Wu Lou for longevity and Gold Ingot for wealth.

These Tiny Buddhas represent safe travel, love, long life, wisdom, a happy home, and prosperity. Place them all together in one place for the best results. Alternatively, you can also display them separately be it in your car’s dashboard, office cabinet, study desk, bedroom, wealth vase, etc. The Laughing Buddha will not disappoint.

Laughing Buddha as a gift makes giving as pleasurable as receiving. You can make them into six small gifts for your dinner guests, or one special gift to that special person.

A good place to put the Laughing Buddha is in the living room, preferably facing the front door to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck, to bring in harmony and take away quarrellings, to absorb negative Ch’i and emanate auspicious energies.

Display a small image of the Laughing Buddha on the dashboard of your car. He will pick up your problems, stuff them into his sack and transform them into happiness. That will take the load off your mind so that you can focus on driving, and reach your destination safe and sound.

He may also be placed on the study desk to take away pressure and stress, as well as to assist the student towards fulfilling academic goals.

4. Place the Laughing Buddha in your office table or reception area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony as well as to prevent backstabbing.

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