Mini Obsidian Feng Shui Wu Lou Hanging (Red String)


This Mini Obsidian Feng Shui Wu Lou Hanging is a powerful symbol representing good health and longevity luck.

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This Feng Shui Wu Lou Hanging is an adorable piece, smoothly cut out of Aventurine crystal and tied to red silk cording embellished with decorative beads.

Wu Lou is a powerful symbol representing good health and longevity luck which also brings an abundance of divine blessings. The shape of a Wu Lou is believed to be a representation of Heaven and Earth united in miniature. Chinese legend has it that the wu Lou holds the elixir of life and vitality. Displaying a Wu Lou in and around the home is a good thing to have to enhance one’s Feng Shui.

To enhance your health luck with this lovely item, hang it in the rearview mirror of your car, near the entrances of rooms or beside your bed, or tie it to your bags, briefcases, and such. With the aid of this Wu Lou hanging, sickness may be prevented and ailing people will recover faster. Also acts as a protection against harm when traveling.

An added bonus is the benefits of Obsidian which is a perfect crystal to boost your personal self-esteem and confidence. It is a very protective stone and is excellent for blocking out and dissolving negative energies, thus protecting you against evil intentions. Obsidian is also effective at fighting stress and depression; promoting the release of grievances and acceptance of the past.

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