Money Frog with Pak Choi Wealth Energizer


Display a Money Frog with Pak Choi Wealth Energizer to brings hundred of wealth into your home and office.

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A beautiful real-like Chinese cabbage made of resin with a money frog sitting on top. The wooden stand was engraved with Chinese words the meaning “Hundred of Wealth“. A combination of two auspicious money-making symbols makes it a truly feng shui energizer everyone must-have in the wealth sector of your home or office.

The Chinese cabbage is known as “pak choi” or “Pak choy” in Cantonese which could literary being translated to mean “100 types of prosperity luck”. This is why the Pak Choi has become the favorite display among the Cantonese speaking people in Hong Kong and Guangzhou Province in China.

Money Frog is used to attracting money luck and abundance into your home and office. It has popularly known as one of the best wealth energizer symbols in feng shui. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive the good news of increased wealth or monetary gain.

Bring thisĀ Money Frog with Pak Choi Wealth Energizer home to prosper. Display it in the living room, in the front portion of your house, the dining hall, or in the wealth sectors such as the universal wealth corner Southeast.

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