Monkey on Horse Jade Pendant Necklace


Wear this auspicious Monkey on Horse Jade Pendant necklace to activate your career luck.

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This is a beautiful adjustable necklace adorned with decorative jade beads featuring a Monkey on Horse jade pendant. The Monkey sitting on a Horse in Chinese reads “Ma Sheung Fung Hao” which is similar to “Promotion is fast approaching”.

Wear this auspicious necklace to activate your career luck. Your hard work will pay off handsomely. Your boss will notice the good sides of you. This will assist you to triumph over tough competitions in your office and enable easier promotional opportunities. At the same time, your relationships with those you work with will improve. You will gain support and help from subordinates and colleagues.

This is perfect for career-minded men and women, people who are climbing the career ladder.

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Jadeite Green