Night Spot Protection Talisman Keychain


This protection amulet features Chung Kwei and Anti-Robbery Amulet.


This protection amulet features Chung Kwei and Anti-Robbery Amulet. It is said to bring protection against snatch thieves, petty criminals, and people with evil intentions. Highly recommended for people who frequent nightspots, those who stay out or work late often, or those who have to travel regularly. The Night Spot protection talisman protects you from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, especially during the Hungry ghost month or if you are afflicted by the #7 Robbery Star. In the year of the Ox 2021, the #7 Burglary Star flies into the Northwest affecting Dog, Boar, and patriarch.

In the year of the Tiger 2022, this violent star affects the West and Rooster, and in the year 2023, it resides in the Northeast (Ox and Tiger). Those with their main door, living room or bedroom is located in the afflicted sector are affected too.

Chung Kwei is the famous Chinese ghostbuster and a Star God of Literature who has a fierce-looking face whose duty is to subdue demons and also to energize scholastic luck. He is a very powerful figure and has the command to kill any passing evil with his mighty sword.

During ancient times, Chung Kwei was an outstanding academic and swordsman. His goal was to become a court official, and he achieved this by excelling in imperial exams which was the main requirement to gain entrance to the bureaucracy. However, because his appearance was so ugly and repulsive, his application was rejected and he was refused his rightful honors by corrupt officials. Chung Kwai was devastated and killed himself in the Imperial Palace. The emperor later found out about this incident when he fell ill and had a nightmare of a red devil wreaking havoc in the imperial palace and causing massive destruction. Chung Kwei came to the rescue and exorcised the demon, who later told his story to the emperor, in his dream. Upon waking up, the emperor was cured of his illness, and feeling bad about the fate of Chung Kwei, he ordered his portrait to be painted and displayed in his palace – Chung Kwei then became known as the “God of Demon Buster”, because of his face was said to scare away any evil spirits or forces in the palace. In addition to this, because of his impressive academic abilities, he has also titled the “Star God of Examinations”.

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