Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain


The Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain is a must for those who usually work late or like to go out at night.


The Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain is a powerful talisman to guard you against bad intentions – from humans as well as the supernatural. And nighttime is when most of these troublemakers surface. This medallion-shaped amulet has the imprint of the famed ghost catcher Chung Kwei, together with the formidable Rhino & Elephant combination. On the reverse side is a potent Taoist charm for protection.

Chung Kwei (sometimes spelled Zhong Kui or Chong Gwei) is a Taoist deity famed for his ability to vanquish and subdue demons. Said to be exceptionally ugly with dark skin, large glaring eyes, and unruly beard, his ferocious countenance is enough to frighten off evil spirits. His trademark weapons are a spear and a fan to combat and ward off evil spirits. Besides his ghost-busting skill, Chung Kwei is also academically gifted, thus making him a symbol for attracting scholastic luck.

The Rhinoceros and Elephant pairing are well-known as an indefatigable guard against all sorts of misfortune – robbery, accidents, financial losses, ill health, and a host of other problems. Their images in the Nightspot Protection amulet serve to keep away robbers, burglars, and snatch thieves.

The Nightspot Protection Amulet Key Chain is a must for those who usually work late or like to go out at night. It is also highly effective as a shield against hostile flying stars such as the #5 Wu Wang and the #7 Violent Star. This handy amulet can be attached to any item anywhere you like – your keys, bag, luggage, suitcase, makeup case, wallet, purse, or simply tucked among your knick-knacks. Thus, in addition to being a lovely accessory, it is a Feng Shui cure to ward off evil spirits and people with bad intentions, protect against enemies, robberies, and theft and dissolve any bad luck caused by negative stars in your charts.

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