Obsidian Pyramid with Four Heavenly Guardians


Display the Obsidian Pyramid with Four Heavenly Guardians in your home or place of work to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck.

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This elegant and gorgeous Pyramid made from shiny black Obsidian crystal has four slanting triangular surfaces that meet at a common vortex and a square base. The four slanting triangular surfaces are imprinted with the Four Celestial Guardians of the Turtle, Phoenix, Dragon, and the Tiger. Pyramid power is intrinsic to the pyramid shape which has been proven to function as a geometric accumulator and amplifier of strong energy force.

The Four Heavenly Guardians which in Feng Shui is believed to watch over the four core directions and different landforms of a property. They are the Black Turtle (Back or North), Red Phoenix (Front or South), Green Dragon (Left or East), and the White Tiger (Right or West). They are symbolically used to explain the special environmental arrangement that brings prosperity and well-being to the occupants of the property. The inflow of good energy, that will protect your home, can be provided via using the symbolic representations of the Four Heavenly Animals of Feng Shui. Images and symbols of these celestial animals in your home can help to enhance the beneficial Feng Shui energies of your home. The balance and harmony amongst these animals will create an environment for wellbeing, wealth, and achievement.

Obsidian is molten volcanic lava that cooled quickly when it comes into contact with water. As a result, it works extremely fast and with great power. Obsidian is a perfect crystal for you if your personal self-esteem and confidence need a boost. Obsidian is a very protective stone and is excellent for blocking out and dissolving negative energies, thus protecting you against evil intentions. It is also effective at fighting stress and depression; promoting the release of grievances and acceptance of the past.

Display the Obsidian Pyramid with Four Heavenly Guardians in your home or place of work to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck. Its healing and balancing effect will bring emanate good Feng Shui and ward off bad energies that bring misfortunes.

Besides being a magnificent showpiece, it will purify negative energy and remove all obstacles in your path, allowing you to achieve success easily and effortlessly.

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